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Wolf "Module 4.1" Collection

Module 4.1

This highly advanced and technologically sophisticated watch winder is the jewel of the WOLF crown. With a patented "lock-in" cuff and touch sensitive control panel, the M4.1 boasts all the interlocking functionality of the M4.0 system with the customizable winding programs and lock-in cuff of the M2.7. It's the best of both worlds.

Module 4.1 Single Watch Winder$385

Module 4.1 Single Watch Winder$385


Module 4.1 Single Watch Winder$385

Product ID: 454011
Warranty: Winders:2 year manufacturer's warranty/Cases: 1 year
Our Price $385.00

A meticulously engineered watch winder with a unique modular design, the Module 4.1 can be stacked with an unlimited amount of units. Includes glass cover, connector piece and bridal cable.

Multiple-unit configurations may require one or more of the following accessories, sold separately:

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